Of Finding my Heritage

March 17, 2017 

So today is St. Patrick’s Day and everyone is getting their green on. Now I am actually Irish, my mother was, and that’s all I know of my heritage for sure. The idea of my heritage and where I come from has always been an important unknown to me. For the longest time I was the darkest person in my white bread home town. So I clung to the only ancestry I knew. 

You see I was adopted and thatdefined a large part of who I was growing up. I always knew I was different but I didn’t know how. I cultivated a love of mythology and eventually that led me to the Celts. Stores of selkies and the fae drew me in but never fascinated me like Greek mythos. They just felt normal, felt familiar, felt right. My birth mother was Irish and Irish folklore has always felt natural to me, felt like mine. I love cornbeef and cabbage meals, cornbread is fantastic and I recently found out how great Irish soda bread is dispite not liking raisens.

I am very Irish but I don’t look it. I  look like the Native American we think my father gave me, but we can’t be sure. I’ve always felt a disconnect between me and that side of my heritage. Almost like  I have no right to claim it as my own when I have never felt the hardship it has brought others. 

But that’s just me, my long winded explanation for tagging along on Laz’s cross country family reunion. Because for Laz this trip is finding her heritage, this trip is seeing who she comes from. I’m just very lucky that she wants me to come along


Trip Pre-planning

March 3, 2017

Laz and I have been thinking about this trip for a while now, I don’t know about her but it’s felt like more of a pipe dream to me, up until now that is. She just turned 20 a couple days ago and I brought her to NerdCon up in Boston, well she brought me in her car and I paid. But now we are really cracking down, she wants to start this tip around her birthday next year – Next Year! That’s not all that long away. We have the map all glued down to a foam board, the start of her scrapbook and the idea for mine. We have an instant camera (I’d say Polaroid but its not that brand) and we’re excited to get started.

You don’t know this about me so let me tell you now, I am a horrible procrastinator, I have a problem with a lake of motivation – even with things I want to do. Depression is a bitch that way. So I’ve been putting a bunch of trip prep off, thinking I’d have time later, later, always later, I’ve more important, more immediate things to prioritize, but actually no This is gonna happen much sooner than I expected and uh ooh I am Not Ready. But I’ve got Laz to kick my but and get going so lets just get started.